*** As of June 1st, 2019 all paid advertising will be handled by FMS Digital Media ***


We have a few Paid advertising options available.

The easiest for a business who already has a FREE Listing on the site is to UPGRADE to a FEATURED LISTING. This will add a featured banner to your listing and give it priority ranking to appear above other listings on the site.

$10- for 6 months OR $15- for 12 months



You do not need to have a business listing on the website to place display ads. To keep it simple we only offer 2 sidebar options and 2 footer options.
These are industry standard sizes and probably something your business uses already.
If you already have artwork ready to go feel free to use the order now links below.
If you need some help creating a display ad Contact Us HERE and we will be glad to help.

Sidebar Ad Sizes

3mths $15 | 6mths $20 | 1yr. $25


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3mths $20- | 6mths $25- | 1yr. $30-

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Footer Ads

$15 3mths - $20 6mths - $25 12mths

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$20 3mths - $25 6mths - $30 12 mths

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